Freelance Football Player index

In cooperation with Freelance Football Analyst we are building the FFPlayer index.

This FFPlayer index indicates the level of play of a football player, so you can compare the level of play of players all over the world, in different competitions. To get a number between 0 and 100 we combine information from different scouts and databases from all over the world and let an algorithm calculate a number between 0 and 100. The higher the number, the higher the level of play of the player.

The information is based on data, video and live analysis and scouting. Our data comes from open source databases or pay-per-view databases. The video scouting are done via Instat, Wyscout and other regular ways and video platforms. For live scouting we prefer local scouts to reduce the effect which travelling got on the environment and the limitations on travelling due to covid-19. The local scout ofcourse got more knowledge, information and experienced in that particular area. They speak the local language, have a good network and know the culture better than an outsider.

The index is a number between 0 and 100. There is an overall index, which means an average number for the level of play of the player during his or her career. There is a potential index; the level of play a player potentially can reach in one game and a form index, which indicates he or she is in-form or out of form in recent games.

Freelance Football Player index of the Italian National team before EURO2020

To give an example; the Freelance Football Player index of for example Cristiano Ronaldo currently (January 2021) is 87.4. This is one of the highest in world of football. The best rating he ever reached in a game was in his best days of 2018, getting a maximum score of 96.9, against Girona with scoring 4 goals. This is his potential rating, he can still get near this level of play, is he has an outstanding day. But also he is getting older, like us all and with less importance to the team play, he will probably not reach that high numbers anymore. The third and last index is the form index and for Ronaldo in this season, he is on 87.3, which is 0.1 lower than his overall level of play, so that is not much of a difference.

We use this index to play Sorare, an unique blockhain card game where you can monetize your football knowledge to earn Ethereum and more cards, which can be sold in a marketplace.

Learn more about Sorare here

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