How are scores calculated in Sorare?

The scores in Sorare are calculated by three steps:

  1. Player Score (PS) using the scoring matrix.
    These are the points gathered by the player from the performance on the pitch.
  2. Card Score (CS) using each card Bonus:
    Three ways: Season of the card, if the player is chosen as Captain and Level (xp) Bonus)
  3. Team Score (TS). This is the total amount summed up for your 5 selected cards.

Player Score
The performance on the pitch of players during a game. Player scores on Sorare range from 0 to 100. On every player’s page, you can find their player score for the last 5 games, you can see with Cristiano Ronaldo (
DNP means “Did Not Play” in and stands for a score of 0. The PS is calculated as follows:
Player Score = Decisive score + all-around score

  1. Decisive Score is based on statistics that have a direct impact on the outcome of a game such as a goal, an assist, a red card, etc…

    The decisive score statistics are shown in the following tables.
GoalRed Card
AssistOwn Goal
Penalty wonPenalty conceded
Clearance off the lineError leads to a goal
Cleansheet (only for GK)Concede 3 or more goals (only for GK)
Penalty save
Last man tackle
Decisive score impact table

A player starts at level 0
(35 points for a starter and 25 points for coming in as a substitute).
Each positive impact stat as mentioned in above table brings the player to the next level,
each negative impact stat brings the player to the previous level.
Levels above level 0 mean a guaranteed score.
The player score can not be lower than the minimum guaranteed at this level, regardless of the all-around score (because the all-around score can be negative, but will not reduce the total player score).

Decisive score points

Example 1: A player that scores 2 goals, gives 1 assist, and receives a red card will end up on level 2 (70 points). Example 2: A player that concedes 1 penalty and receives a red card will end up on level -1 (15 points)

Sorare about decisive score points

2. All-Around Score accounts for secondary stats, like passing, tackles, shots etc. We use these statistics we believe they help to statistically evaluate the impact a player has on the game, especially for defensive positions. It is computed using the following grid:

GENERALYellow Card-3.0-3.0-3.0-3.0
GENERALWas fouled0.51.0
GENERALError leads to shot-5.0-1.0-1.0-1.0
DEFENDINGClean sheet10
DEFENDINGGoals conceded-2.0-2.0
DEFENDINGEffective clearance0.5
DEFENDINGWon tackle3.03.0
DEFENDINGBlocked cross1.01.0
DEFENDINGDouble Double4.04.04.0
DEFENDINGTriple Double6.06.06.0
DEFENDINGTriple Triple12.012.012.0
POSSESSIONPossession lost-0.3-1.0-0.5-0.1
POSSESSIONPossession won0.50.5
POSSESSIONDuel lost-2.0-0.5-0.5
POSSESSIONDuel won1.50.50.5
PASSINGBig chance created3.
PASSINGAttempted assist2.
PASSINGAccurate pass0.10.10.1
PASSINGAccurate final third pass0.50.30.1
PASSINGAccurate long balls0.20.50.5
PASSINGLong Pass Into Opposition0.5
PASSINGMissed pass-0.2-0.2
ATTACKINGShot on target3.
ATTACKINGWon contest0.50.50.5
ATTACKINGPenalty area entries0.50.50.5
ATTACKINGPenalty kick missed-5.O-5.O-5.O-5.O
ATTACKINGBig chance missed-5.O-5.O-5.O-5.O
GOALKEEPINGSaved shot from inside the box1.O
GOALKEEPINGGood high claim1.2
GOALKEEPINGDiving save3.0
GOALKEEPINGDiving catch3.5
GOALKEEPINGCross not claimed-5.0
GOALKEEPINGSix second violation-5.0
GOALKEEPINGKeeper Sweeper5.0

The total score is the sum of the decisive score and the all-around score.

If your card has two fixtures in an upcoming Game Week, only the first game will be scored. You will only see the scored fixture in your player’s fixture list for that Game Week.

Card Score for each Player Card of your SO5 team is calculated as follows:

Card Score = Player Score* (1 + Bonus)

This means at the end of a game week your player’s score will be multiplied by 1 + their bonus percentage. For example, imagine you have a Hans Vanaken Rare card with a bonus of 10%. He played a great game and received a Player Score of 70 points. His Card Score for that game week would be 70 x (1 + 10%) = 77 points.

A card can have 3 types of bonuses:

  • Captain: 20%
  • Season bonus: 5% if the card is from the current season
  • Level bonus: depends on the XP your card has gained and its scarcity.

Every time a card is played in a game week, it accumulates experience (XP). The XP will help level up the card to a maximum of 20 levels in the space of 3 years. XP and level progress is designed so that if you regularly use a card it should grow by 10 levels within the first season. It will then take two more seasons of regular use to reach another 10 levels.

A card gains XP by being selected for a So5 team in a game week. The XP formula is the following:

(base_xp + team_minutes_played_xp + player_score_xp)

  • base_xp = 75
  • team_minutes_played_xp = (75 * average_minutes_played_by_the_team) / 90
  • player_score_xp = score * 0.125

The XP a card can acquire is progressive in a logarithmic way (it increases faster at the beginning). It will take 3 seasons to fully power up.

Every time your card levels up, its bonus grows by 0.5%.

Player XP after transfers:

When a card is transferred in the game (via a trade or sold on the secondary market), the XP accumulated on the card will halve by 50%. It is important to note: The XP gets halved, not the level. As the XP progression flattens out with time, a halving of XP does not halve the card’s level bonus.

The starting level of a card depends on the card scarcity.

The Level ranges are:

Rare: Starts at level 0 with a maximum of 20 = a level bonus from 0 to 10% Super-rare: Starts at level 40 with a maximum of 60 = a level bonus from 20% to 30% Unique: Starts at level 80 with a maximum of 100 = a level bonus from 40% to 50%

In other words, the level bonus can go from 0% (a rare with no XP) to 50% (a unique with 3 years of accumulated XP).

In the above example:

  • Hans Vanaken Rare has a bonus of 8% because the card is level 16/20
  • Saul Super Rare has a bonus of 26% because the card is level 52/60
  • Nabil Fekir Unique has a bonus 46% because the card is level 92/100
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