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Huntelaar will retire and his potential substitute made his debut

This weekend, after scoring his 150th goal in the Dutch Eredivisie, Klaas Jan Huntelaar (37 y.o.) told he will retire at the end of the season 2020/2021. After playing more than 650 games and 360 goals in his career at teams like De Graafschap, PSV, Heerenveen and Ajax in the Dutch Eredivisie, AGOVV in the second division and Real Madrid, AC Milan and Schalke 04 in foreign countries. After 76 caps for the Dutch National team, he finished second on the all time goal scorer ranking with 42 goals! What a massive career, something a lot of strikers, like Thijs Dallinga are dreaming of.

In 2018 we as Freelance Football Scout wrote a Player Report about Thijs Dallinga and concluded he might can become the new Klaas Jan Huntelaar. Back than he was still an under 19 player of FC Emmen. In the summer of 2018 FC Groningen bought him from Emmen and for than on he played his games at Under 21 and Under 23. Now he is 20 years old and made his debut in the Eredivisie, in the same weekend, Huntelaar told the media to quit.

Is it a coincedence that he made his debut in the Eredivisie, in the same weekend as Huntelaar told us he will quit playing football? As explained in the report, we think that the ability of Dallinga to score goals, hold on to the ball with defenders around him and his high work rate can potentially get him the career Huntelaar had. Unfortunately Dallinga missed a one-on-one opportunity due to a great save of Kostas Lamprou, but if he continues to improve this way, for sure his goals will come.

We are looking forward to the development of Thijs Dallinga the coming years and hope Klaas Jan Huntelaar can end his career in a full Johan Cruijff Arena, with fans chanting his name, giving him one last standing ovation, which his career deserves.