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Freelance Football Scout is proud to be official partner of the beautiful game Sorare.
Sorare is a Global Fantasy Football Card Game.
Just like the cards you collected when you were a kid, but now it’s digital and you can use them in the beautiful games called SO5.

The Game;
– Line-up 5 players in one team and compete against other managers in different leagues.
– You can try Sorare for free with common (white) cards in the Rookies League.
Those cards are non-tradable, but you can win Rare Cards by finishing among the top players in the league) and learn how to play.
– As a manager you can earn rewards (Ethereum) and even win cards each game week.

Scout the next big talent, manage your teams and get rewarded! Click here to start scouting now!
Scout the next big talent, manage your teams and get rewarded! Click here to start scouting now!

Sorare got 142 official licensed clubs and covers 30 leagues worldwide (still increasing).
Player cards are limited edition cards and are extremely rare;
There is a maximum of 100 Rare (red) cards, 10 Super Rare (blue) and 1 unique (black) per player, per season. There is a market to buy new cards (releaseed by Sorare as New Signings) or you can buy from other managers from the market. This is why the cards are worth an x amount of Ethereum (or euro / dollar) and can increase (or decrease) in value on the market. The valuation mainly depends on the minutes the player plays in real live games and the SO5-score the player achieve by using the in-depth data of Opta. Every pass, shot, cross and ofcourse clean sheets, assists and goals scored counts in the score.
This makes Sorare a game which increases your fun in the beautiful game of football and you can finally own a piece of your favourite player!


Click here to get one free rare card after buying 5 cards as new signings, note that without using a referral link, you will not get a free card reward!

Have questions about Sorare? Check the FAQ here on their website

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On average above lined up players get 249 points. getting 205 points or more earns 0.01 ETH each game week
and 250+ points earns 0.02 ETH reward each game week!

“Sorare gives you skin in the game via collectible cards,
just like we did when we were kids,
but now it’s digital”

Rio Ferdinand –
Football Analyst, 81 caps for England, Premier and Champions League winner

Gerard Piqué; FC Barcelona defender and World Cup winner is an early investor in Sorare
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