Welcome to Freelance Football Scout

We are Freelance Football Scout and we create opportunities for football players around the world. Freelance Football Scout combines database management, in depth football knowledge and an extensive network. Our activities consist of providing advice to all kind of stakeholders in football; making sure players get the most out of their career.

We strive to bring everyone involved success and happiness.


How are scores calculated in Sorare?

The scores in Sorare are calculated by three steps: Player Score (PS) using the scoring matrix. These are the points gathered by the player from the performance on the pitch.Card Score (CS) using each card Bonus:Three ways: Season of the card, if the player is chosen as Captain and Level (xp) Bonus)Team Score (TS). This…

Freelance Football Player index

The FFPlayer index is a number betwoon 0 and 100 which indicates the level of play of a football player. Due to this number you can compare the level of play of players all over the world, in different competitions.

How to become a football scout?

A lot of people ask us what it takes to be a (Freelance) Football Scout. We will explain how to become a football scout in the following blog posts and you will have the answers to kick start your journey as a football scout or for the people in the USA: a soccer scout. There…

More information about the beautiful football card game Sorare can be found here